Caitlin & Shawn: July 22, 2017. My Sister’s Barn Wedding, Fairgrove.

Wedding season in Michigan is broken up into 5 parts: fall, pretty winter, ugly winter, spring, and summer. Since I rarely accept any events during the first two weeks of July, Caitlyn & Shawn’s Fairgrove wedding was the first of my official summer wedding season.
This was my first time ever visiting “My Sister’s Barn”, so I wasn’t too sure on what to expect. As I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the set up. Thankfully, the ceremony and reception areas were fairly close together, the inside of the barn was waterproof, and there were multiple areas for guests to hang out. This might sound like weird things to point out, but my experience with barn weddings and Michigan weather hasn’t been the best over the past 7 years! What I haven’t mentioned about this particular wedding, was the random rain and temperature fluctuations that occurred over the course of the day. Instead of guests having to huddle together to stay dry, they were able to mingle like normal throughout the entire event while staying comfortable!
Caitlyn & Shawn’s ceremony took place in front of a beautifully decorated doorway located in the field just outside of the barn. In contrast to the romantic and formal appearance of the area, the actual ceremony was filled with fun anecdotes which had the guests chuckling with laughter the entire time. For the unity ceremony, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was made. It not only signified the two separate individuals becoming one, but also the sticky situations that tend to happen during marriage. Bravo.
After a bbq dinner, the night full of dancing, cupcakes, and (unexpected) pizza commenced. Each guest received their own mason jar to personalize and use all night long. Two of the many drink options were special cocktail themed for the Bride and Groom. Now I’m not exactly sure what they were actually made of as I never had a chance to get that close to the bar! Let’s just say it was a very popular location for guests!
Overall Caitlyn & Shawn’s wedding was unique. From the mismatched china place settings, to the ceiling full of lights, to the grower center pieces, the Husted’s celebrated the start of their marriage in a beautifully memorable way.

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