Destiny & Jonathan: April 15, 2017. Glen Gables Wedding.

My first impression of Destiny and Jonathan was of love and welcoming. There was such a sense of kindness to them and their family that I knew photographing their wedding would be a fantastic experience. And it was.

Destiny and Jonathan’s wedding was an intimate event held at Glen Gables in Flushing, Michigan. During their evening ceremony, Jonathan completely shocked Destiny with beautiful vows proclaiming his love for her. She knew that the vows would be there, but they were so overwhelmingly perfect and sentimental that she couldn’t help but get emotional in front of the entire congregation!

Once the traditional family portraits were completed and the marriage license was made official, the newlyweds made their grand entrance into the dining room to the delight of their awaiting guests. After some words from the honor attendants, the cake was cut! I always love watching the cutting of the cake. This typically is the first (and sometimes only) time that most couples attempt to carve a decent piece from such a fantastic display. Destiny and Jonathan did struggle slightly and cake definitely went flying, but it was all in good fun.

After the bridal party enjoyed dinner, we went right outside for some photo fun! I normally prefer to have all the portraits done prior to dinner, however, due to the time constraints, postponing worked out for the best. We had so much fun taking photographs out on the grounds of the venue. It was a nice break from the wedding day and allowed everyone to get pumped for the upcoming domination of the dance floor.

The drinks were flowing and fun was definitely had by all. Between the photo booth, custom hangover kits, and special treats for the children, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn made sure that there was something for everyone of their guests enjoy!

Glen Gables Wedding Ceremony
Glen Gables Wedding Photography
Glen Gables Wedding Photography



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