Laurie & Aaron: Frankenmuth Engagement Session

Oh man. Laurie is getting married. Ha ha.

For those of you who do not know, I have a younger sister. Not only are we fairly close in age, but we shared a rather small room for 20 years. This meant we hated each other. Constant bickering, fighting, screaming, and all around just plotting each other’s demise. You know, typical sister stuff. How does Laurie fit into all of this? She was/is my sister’s partner in crime, who conveniently, lived right across the street. Apart from the constant torture, the three of us did play a rather mean backyard game of “Legends of the Hidden Temple”. Now little Laurie is all grown up and engaged to some random guy named Aaron. Honestly, he really isn’t that random, the four of us attended high school together.

Laurie & Aaron’s Frankenmuth engagement session started a bit rocky on two accounts. First, their gps couldn’t gps. Second, their son Luke had ZERO interest in posing for photographs. I’m not a quitter. With a little encouragement from grandma and grandpa from the sidelines, I was able to capture a few sentimental moments from Luke. Many parents are too focused on creating perfect moments instead of cherishing the candid shy smiles.

Once we finished up with Luke at the Rose Gardens, the three of us headed around some of Frankenmuth’s hot spots. What I love most about these two is how tuned in to each other they are. When one does something, the other instantly reacts. Usually, it’s Laurie laughing or rolling her eyes at some random comment Aaron made. It cracks me up!

There is always a point in a session when I can tell my clients are done with posing for photographs. First the stomachs start to growl, then mental strength goes, and finally the sparkle disappears. I always wrap the session up long before this is point is reached, but not for this session. I forced Laurie & Aaron for a good 30 extra minutes just to try to get a few more in the beautiful October light. Sorry for turning your extremities into ice, but you were troopers. Just think of it as practice for the wedding day!

Stay turned for photos from their April 2017 wedding!

alp_4831pn img_027 img_013pnimg_062pn img_078pn

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