Meggen & Chris: August 26, 2016. Frankenmuth Wedding.

I love well planned out events! Meggen & Chris definitely used Frankenmuth to their advantage in the implementation of their wedding. Basically the entire day took place within a magical one mile radius. Yey!

The entire bridal party started at the Holiday Inn Express. The ladies prepped on the 3rd floor while the men got dressed on the 4th. It was wonderful having everyone in one place, however I continued to confuse myself. Every time I exited the elevator I would forget which floor I was on and kept turning the wrong direction! There is a small chance that I walked into the wrong hotel room, multiple times. After everyone was all glammed up, we headed to the Rose Garden for the nuptials.

Meggen and Chris clearly put an incredible amount of love and devotion into their wedding vows. The entire ceremony was truly a testament to their love. Meggen was able to control her emotions, however, I witnessed many tears of joy in the audience. Immediately after the ceremony and a short receiving line, we went right into the family and bridal party formals. Remember how I said that the day was well planned out? During the photos, they had the shuttle pull right up with the air conditioner blasting. This allowed the bridal party to cool off between photo sets. Such a great idea!

After spending 10 minutes taking the portraits of the bride and groom at the Covered Bridge, we headed over to the Frankenmuth Brewery for a fun filled reception. Meggen and Chris wanted to cater to all of their guests. They had a special room for the little ones full of fun activities, seating away from the dance floor for those who wanted to socialize, and even an area with a bean bag toss and a game of Giant Jenga. Of course, both were hand crafted by Chris himself.

After cutting their cake, Meggen and Chris shared their first dance in underneath the romanic string lights overlooking the river. I absolutely loved the dance floor! Later in the night, the glass windows were folded up turning the indoor dance floor into an outdoor patio where the party continued late into the night.

DSC_4897pn DSC_5109pn DSC_5125pnDSC_3925pnFrankenmuth Rose GardenDSC_6059pnDSC_5924pn Frankenmuth Wedding Photography DSC_6190pn DSC_6368pnDSC_6259pn DSC_6202pn

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