Bethany & Ryan: August 20, 2016. Bay City Wedding.

The moment I walked into Bay Valley to photograph Bethany & Ryan’s ceremony, I felt welcome. Not just a casual “Hi, how are you”, but more of a warm “Welcome to our family”. Everyone was instantly smiling, chatting, and laughing with me. Normally it takes a few hours for the parents and bridal party to get this this point, mostly due to the stress of dealing with a wedding day. Honestly, the entire day was fairly stress free!

Except the weather, that really put an interesting twist on the outdoor ceremony on the terrace. Thankfully, Bay Valley was super accommodating and moved the entire ceremony inside. Even though it was their first indoor ceremony in that particular room, it felt like having it there was the plan all along. After the ceremony, the weather held off long enough so we were able to photograph both the family formals and the bridal party photos out on the terrace. The rain actually started just as I wrapped up the bride and groom portraits! High Fives All Around!!!!

The day continued at the Bangor Township Hall, which was perfectly decorated with lanterns, twinkle lights, and (of course) crayons for decorating the large white paper that just happened to cover the length of the table. After heartfelt speeches by honor attendants and the fathers, and a spectacular meal, Bethany & Ryan opened up the dance floor with a fun first dance full of apparent devotion to one another. The down pouring rain didn’t seem to bother the party at all!

Thanks so much Bethany & Ryan for allowing me to capture your beautiful day! I was wonderful working with you and seeing some old friends!

DSC_3177pnDSC_3326pn DSC_3358pn DSC_3491pn DSC_3499pn DSC_4053pn "Bay Valley Weddings" DSC_4203-2pn"Bay City Wedding Photographers" DSC_4372pn DSC_4357pn  DSC_4435-3pn"Bay City Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies"DSC_4573pn DSC_4572pnDSC_4635pn DSC_4648pn"Bay City Wedding Photography"DSC_4664pnDSC_4674pnDSC_4760pnDSC_4723pnDSC_4774pnDSC_4841pnDSC_4362pn


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