Rachel & Marc: June 4, 2016. Bay City, MI Wedding

When a bride asks for suggestions on how to improve the overall quality of their wedding day I always respond with two points:

1-Plan enough time after the ceremony for pictures! My time recommendations are 40 minutes for family formals, 30 minutes with the bridal party, and 20 minutes with the bride & groom. Not only do you need to plan time to take the pictures, but you need enough time to prepare for them! I encourage all of my clients to take a ‘break’ after the family formals to regroup and de-stress. Now I don’t mean stop at the bar and drink up (that is after the photos are done), I simply mean to take a legitimate break from the festivities. The best way to do this? Travel from your ceremony venue to your photo venue. It’s amazing how a few minutes on a party bus can completely recharge a stressed bridal party!

2-Be extremely strategic with the family formals. I work with all of my clients ahead of the day to finalize a concrete family photo list. This allows me to keep everyone on track and on time. So far this has helped me avoid the industry standard of only allowing a certain number of poses, something that I never want to have to do. With that being said, I have been able to comfortably photograph 45 different family poses in 45 minutes. It definitely was a group effort, but in the end I was able to create some fantastic results. Take the time to trim down your family photo list to a reasonable length. I’m not asking you to skip certain family members, but reduce wherever possible. If you cannot limit your list, create a rock solid game plan and clue in all involved parties ahead of time. A bit of planning can go a long way.


Why did I bring these two points up in this blog? Well, Rachel & Marc absolutely nailed all of this in the planning process for their June 4, 2016 wedding. They made sure to plan more than enough time for EVERYTHING. I even had 45 minutes between photo sets to run over to the hall to capture some photographs of the room decorations before their guests started to arrive. This never happens!  Before the stated ceremony, I had time to sneak Rachel into the church narthex for some special photographs with her parents and sister.

After a very emotional and personalized ceremony officiated by Paster Teich, the bridal party headed down by the river for photographs.  It was a bit windy, but we had a great time hanging out on the riverwalk pier. Always a great place for bridal party photos! Eventually, we ended up running around a vacant SVSU and arriving right on time for dinner & dancing at the LFA hall.

Rachel & Marc, thank you so much for such an amazing day! It was an honor to be apart of your wedding. Enjoy!

Messiah Lutheran Church, Bay City, MI
Rachel’s headpiece and veil.
The dress that I was so afraid of taking off the hanger! I do have it on a much prettier hanger, but I didn’t quite trust it enough to reshoot it in this spot. Ha ha.
The beautiful bride before walking down the aisle.
Rachel surprised Marc by engraving his ring with lyrics from their first dance.
Dad doing happily escorting his daughter to the altar.
Marc seeing his bride for the first time.
The ceremony begins.
Father Teich giving his sermon.
The entire room.
Exchanging rings.

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A formal of the entire bridal party.
Just the gals.
Fierce. (Is that the right word? I’m a bit outdated with the slang).
The formals are done, time for fun!
1, 2, 3. . .what?
Some much needed one on one time.

ALP_5793pn ALP_5842pn

The LFA Hall ready for guests to arrive.


SVSU’s Founder’s Hall.
A quick photo with the old crew from Buoy 18, the place where Rachel & Marc’s love story began.
The first dance.
Father/daughter dance.
I love random dance floor photos!
Tossing the bouquet.
Cha-cha slide!


Thanks to all of the wonderful vendors who helped create Rachel & Marc’s wedding day!

Pastor Teich of Bay City’s Messiah Lutheran Church

Ryer’s Flowers

DJ Keith of Rusch Entertainment

Mary’s Cakery


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