Stephanie & Michael: May 20, 2016

It’s crazy how quickly your wedding day goes by! One minute you are putting on your lipstick, the next you are bidding farewell to guests. My job as a photographer is to somehow squeeze a ton of photographs into this short time frame. It doesn’t always go as planned, but for Stephanie & Michael’s wedding, I think we did a rather decent job. Within 45 minutes, we were able to pull off a family formal list of 45 poses! That is pretty good considering I have to take 3 frames of each photo. I think Stephanie, Michael, and their entire family deserves a huge high five! Without everyone’s cooperation, we would not have been able to finish the entire list.

Walking into the bridal suite, I was a bit nervous. Turns out I showed up just as the bride was informed about a slight wardrobe malfunction with the guys. Nothing too major, but just enough to throw off that getting ready spunk. Of course 10 minutes later the whole situation was laughable, but for a moment I thought I was going to have have break out my famous terrible dance moves as a distraction.

Once everyone finished getting dressed (pants included), a first look was due. Stephanie had envisioned this grand balloon release out by the water. So I found some decent shade, put the groom into position, and counted down for the big moment. 3, 2, 1; INSERT SAD TROMBONE SOUND EFFECT. Instead of the balloons joyously floating into the sky, revealing the beautiful bride to the awaiting groom, they just kind of flopped around. Once our brains processed what had actually happened, the three of us just broke out into laughter. Out of all the things that could go wrong in a wedding day, this was the most epic.

After a few photos to ease the pre wedding nervousness, we walked out to the front of Bay Valley to find the bridal party loaded up into golf carts ready for some photo fun. By the time we were done out on the golf course, guests had arrived and we were ready for a short ceremony out on the dance floor. After the family photos out on the patio, we headed right into the reception part of the day.

I had a great time working with Stephanie & Michael. I honestly could not have asked for a better day. Enjoy!

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