Stephanie & Chris: Engagement Session

For today’s blog we are jumping back a bit to my first engagement session of 2016. Stephanie & Chris have been one of my many couples who patiently months for some decent snow. Honestly, from what the first part of winter looked like, I didn’t think we would get it. Of course we had snow, but (according to my mother) it only snowed on Wednesdays this year. For photos you really want to wake up on Sunday morning to a fresh coating of pretty snow. Fortunately for us, March finally brought along that much needed picture perfect snow.

Stephanie & Chris were pretty laid back with their photos. Stephanie had a few ideas, but they were open to anything. Since this was my first session for a few weeks, I went a bit overboard. Their final image count was about double what I typically give. It was totally worth it.

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IMG_010pn IMG_030pn IMG_036pn IMG_037pnIMG_066pnIMG_084pnIMG_085pnIMG_100pnIMG_105pnIMG_111pnIMG_166pnIMG_169pnIMG_209pnIMG_227pnIMG_233pnIMG_245pnIMG_273pnIMG_287pn


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