Kelly & Andru: October 23, 2015

I love going to new places. Fortunately, the past 6 years of photographing events have taken me all over Michigan and the surrounding areas. Kelly & Andru’s wedding was no exception. The Milestone Barn in Bannister is just big enough for a medium sized wedding, but not too large as to lose its charm. Just walking into the bridal suite I was impressed with the property. Natural lighting, chandeliers, and vintage seating; I instantly fell in love with the entire place.  The Milestone barn definitely offers a unique experience that I have not found anywhere else.

I think the thing that I most loved about Kelly & Andru’s wedding is how laid back everything was. In lieu of a DJ, they opted for an acoustic band. They served their guests Andru’s favorite pie (pumpkin for the win) with cupcakes for the kids . There was even an appearance of self serve caramel apple popcorn. Overall, it was a fantastic day that I am extremely grateful to have been apart of. Enjoy!


ALP_2658pn ALP_2667pn  IMG_022pn IMG_004pnALP_2797pn ALP_2808pn  ALP_2852pnALP_2940pn  IMG_144pnIMG_181pn
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