Lindsay & Turner: October 17, 2015

Mid-Michigan has had some strange weather this wedding season. Very strange, even for Michigan. Lindsay & Turner’s wedding definitely wins the crazy weather award for the year. Due to the abnormally cold temperature, we almost decided to move their outdoor ceremony inside. I am extremely happy with Lindsay & Turner’s decision to proceed outside. Dealing with the cold for 20 minutes was completely worth it. We started with cloudy skies, had some fun snow mid-ceremony, and ended with their first kiss surrounded by absolutely perfect sunshine.

I had so much fun working with Lindsay & Turner! From the pre-ceremony craziness, to the photo time fun, to the reception shenanigans; the day just went fantastically. It also didn’t hurt that I have worked with most of the bridal party previously. As for the guys, they didn’t scare me. It takes quite a bit to scare me! (For now).


IMG_026pn IMG_078pn


IMG_151pn IMG_161pn IMG_178pn
Snowing during an October ceremony? That’s a first for me!
IMG_214pn IMG_222pn IMG_289pn IMG_348pn IMG_371pn IMG_382pn IMG_393pn IMG_399pn IMG_402pn IMG_414pn

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IMG_451pn IMG_459pn IMG_461pn IMG_464pn IMG_471pn IMG_493pn IMG_550pn
This was taken during the end of the MSU vs U of M game. The wedding pretty much stopped at this point.
IMG_554pn IMG_557pn IMG_590pn IMG_598pn IMG_644pn IMG_664pn IMG_768pn IMG_778pn

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