Frankee & Jacob: October 10, 2015

Who doesn’t love going home? With Frankee & Jacob’s wedding, I was able to return to my college alma mater. As much as I love working at Founders Hall, it does bring me back to one rather cold winter. For my 4×5 large format film final, I decided to photograph structures. I am still not sure how I thought that was a good idea. All I can remember was hauling this 50 pound camera box from my car, through the Michigan snow, and onto the Founders Hall bridge. After actually getting my equipment onto the bridge, I had to unpack everything and take the photograph. For those of you who haven’t had the honor of working in large format, it is not a quick progress. Ah, the memories.

I absolutely loved working with Frankee & Jacob. Their family was extremely attentive and did everything possible to help out with the festivities. I am rather fond of some of the reactions I saw. Instead of dad getting super mushy at the first sight of Frankee, he simply turned around. Both bride and dad did a “Don’t look at me or I’m going to cry”. It was super entertaining, as both parties did it in perfect unison.

After the ceremony, we stopped at a few social venues to visit with friends and family. Frankee, Jacob, and their bridal party were super laid back and easy to get along with. I always appreciate that. The party continued at the Kawkawlin Township Hall with lots of food, drinks, and dancing. It was an honor photographing Mr. & Mrs. Milkowski’s big day!


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