Laura and Jeremy: Engagement Session

Holy moly, wedding season is just about here! So happy to finally get back to photographing weddings next month. Speaking of May weddings. . .guess who is getting married? My old buddy Laura!!!

Let me explain.

I started working at age 14. The day I graduated high school I started working 40 hours a week. The month I turned 18 I added full time college to my full time job. Until the day I earned my bachelors degree, at age 21, I continued this ugly trend. Do you see where I am going here? I worked, a ton. What happens when you put a bunch of overworked college 18 somethings in a building with minimal supervision? Shenanigans. Lots of shenanigans.

Where does Laura come in to this picture? You know when you are thinking of doing something really bad and you are weighing the pros versus the cons? Well Laura was the one whispering in my ear “If you do it, so will I”. I don’t need to publicize some of the epic stories of our past here (you can just find them on YouTube), this is about Laura and Jeremy.

Laura and Jeremy are a unique bunch. They have been living a few states apart for quite sometime now, and our session was the first time that they have been together in a few months. Let’s just say they were extra cuddly.

Enough chatting, here are some of the ‘normal’ photos of Jeremy and Laura. They have lots of fun with each other. I find it cute. Others think they are weird (those people just have no idea what true love is). ENJOY!

027blog 045blog 058blog

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