Trisha and Jason: 04.14.12

Today I had the opportunity to attend Trisha and Jason’s wedding. It’s a bit of a long story, but my scheduled 04.14 wedding ended up being cancelled today. So, I ended up as an assistant, well almost. In preparation for the 2012 season I have been testing and training some talented SVSU students to work as photography assistants. Even though I spent most of the day on the sidelines, I still squeezed a couple shots in.

Ashley Lynn Photography 2012

Ashley Lynn Photography 2012

For the ceremony we had 3 photographers and 2 videographers, way too many people to work with. It was actually wonderful sitting with the congregation watching my trainee work and enjoying the ceremony. But, of course I couldn’t keep my camera down!

Ashley Lynn Photography 2012

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Ashley Lynn Photography 2012

Ashley Lynn Photography 2012

About ashleylynnphotography

Who Am I? Well, I began my studies at Saginaw Valley State University during my senior year of high school as a music education major. Fortunately, that didn't last long. Before I officially started my first year as a college student, I completely changed my mind and moved on to graphic design. As a requirement within the art program at SVSU, I was required to take intro to black and white photography class, and I instantly fell in love. I loved working in the darkroom so much, I came back every semester. Long story short, I bought my first camera (a Nikon D300) in 2008 and finally ventured into the world of digital photography. After graduating in the fall of 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Art, I started working as an intern with a local photography studio. In the spring of 2010, I began to work as an assistant photographer for multiple professional photographers, as well as shooting weddings independently for personal clients. In January 2011, I officially became a registered Michigan business, and in April 2011, I quit my part-time college job to pursue my business endeavors full time. Currently, things are starting to change around here! I am now solely booking weddings through Ashley Lynn Photography. You will no longer find me contracting out with different area studios. I am so excited about this and thank my husband for allowing me to pursue this amazing opportunity in my career. So my life is crazy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! My Philosophy I believe that becoming a photographer is a journey that takes many years of practice and discipline. I never thought growing up that photography was ever a career option for me, but I now it has suddently become my reality. In short, my photography is not meant to make you look fake or unrealistic, but to see who you really are. Everyone is beautiful and I want to see your true beauty shine. Even with my extensive Photo Shop training, I edit my photographs with a natural eye. You will NEVER see my work extensively edited or find the overuse of obnoxious filters. For the most up to date work please visit my Facebook and blog!

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