Lynette & Paul: Engagement Session

I love fall. I have always loved fall, way before it was cool. Even though it is my busiest time of the year (which means a dirty house, a severe lack of home-cooked food, and 12 hour days of computer work), the season will always have a place in my heart.

Winter is fun. . .For about a month. Come the end of January the snow has overstayed its welcome and the cold is bitter.

Spring is just a mean illusion. The weather is warming up and the inviting colors are starting to emerge, but it accompanied with wet, muddy, and temperamental days. I do love a good, strong thunderstorm or two.

Summer. Ugh. Summer. In 2013 I took my first out of state trip ever to Florida (Cedar Point doesn’t count). Just walking off the plane at  Orlando International Airport in the middle of October made me want to cancel 7 days at Disney World. Seriously. I hate humidity.

That just leaves me fall with her mild, yet warm temperatures, beautiful colors, and perfect lighting. As a child, I always looked forward to school, homecoming, cider doughnuts, and Thanksgiving. Fall = Perfection.

Here is another throwback to my fall 2014 engagement session with Lynette and Paul. I still have a few more sessions left to post. Wedding season starts April 25th!

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Kaylyn & Eric: Engagement Session

Kaylyn and Eric decided to include some extremely important family members to their engagement session. . .their puppies!!! Well, they might not physically be puppies anymore, however I believe that all dogs are puppies at heart. It was fantastic seeing their furry friends running around the massive family land up in Twining (close to Au Gres).

I’m really looking forward to Kaylyn & Eric’s NYE 2015 wedding. I find that NYE weddings have the absolute best receptions. It’s wonderful because guests come with the full intention of ringing in the New Year with the bride and groom. That dance floor is always full at midnight!

My first Introduction to DSLR class of the year is already COMPLETELY full! We will be adding a second class shortly to accommodate everyone. Please contact me for more information or to be put on the wait list.

Enjoy (and stay warm)!

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Alex & Andrew: Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions with my clients!

It always starts out the same. Usually driving slowly through the parking lot of our designated venue, staring into random cars, hoping to spot one another without seeming too creepy. Then it leads into casual reintroductions of each other and figuring out how to get the session started.

Now it gets really awkward! Me behind the camera trying to act cool and professional (even though I’m freaking out a little bit inside). The couple staring at the camera nervous and confused.  All of a sudden I crack a silly joke, everyone relaxes, and 2 hours of fun ensues.

Engagement sessions are extremely important not only to the couple, but to me. It’s a time for the 3 of us to spend some time getting used to each other and learning how to work together. Photographing a wedding is not about sitting in the corner taking photos, but working in unison to create a beautiful day.

I find that couples who take advantage of the engagement session are more relaxed on their wedding day, which positively impacts their photographs. It also helps me have the ability to jump right into the day already knowing exactly the best way to work with the bride and groom!

Here are some photographs from Alex and Andrew’s Frankenmuth fall engagement session. It was wonderful wandering around the Rose Garden, Riverwalk Palace, and The Fortress Golf Course. I especially loved the fact that Alex had a few ideas in her mind of photos that she wanted. Having complete control over the session all the time can be difficult, so I always appreciate a few pointers from my clients!


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Mandy & Ben: December 13, 2014

Here it is, my last wedding of 2014!

Even with the high winds and the nonstop rain, I had a great time photographing Mandy & Ben’s 12-13-14 wedding. The couple were married at Bay City’s First Presbyterian Church with a reception at Saginaw’s beautiful Temple Theater.

Between the ceremony and reception, Ben’s family surprised the newlyweds with a ride in Pinecrest Percherons’ Cinderella Carriage.

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays! I will be back after the new year to share more engagement sessions on the blog.

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Brooke & Kevin: November 8, 2014

It may have been cold and rainy, but Brooke and Kevin’s wedding went off without a hitch! Their ceremony was held at the Pere Marquette Train Depot in front of a full house. The place was so packed that I had to capture the entire ceremony trapped in the main aisle (usually I like to get a few photos from the side). After a short ceremony, the bridal party was bused over for a few photos at Williams Township Park. I have to say, Brooke, her bridesmaids, and my cameras were troopers with the cold, windy weather.

The night finished off at Forest Edge Banquet Center with Frank of Hidalgo Entertainment keeping the dance floor packed late into the night. I also want to give a big shout out to Mary’s Creative Cakery as they made THE BEST banana cake that I ever had! I love me some banana cake.

Congrats Brooke and Kevin!

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Elisa & Dave: Engagement Session

Elisa & Dave’s engagement session was definitely a bit of an adventure! We were 100% sure that the giant rain storm creeping across the state was totally going to miss us until. . .well. . .it didn’t. Luckily we were able to take refuge in Elisa and Dave’s brand new home since we were doing their session right in their beautiful backyard! Even with the rain and the humidity, I think we accomplished our goal! Don’t forget to check our Elisa and Dave’s wedding photographs here!

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Heather & Phil: October 25, 2014

One of my favorite perks from photographing weddings is having the weekly opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions. I have quite a few stories to tell on the things that I have seen (some good, some not so good), but my lack of German traditions is a bit sad. Fortunately for me, Heather and Phil showed me the ropes at their October 25th wedding. They decided to do the tradition of Sie Leben Hoch. In short, this is where the bride and groom are lifted into the air on chairs as guests toast to their future. It signifies the couple no longer as bride and groom but man and wife. It was wonderful to see the entire reception get in on the fun.


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