Frankee & Jacob: Engagement Session

I am so excited to finally be back blogging! My social may have been super quiet lately, but rest assured, I have been extremely busy. When I photograph someone’s wedding, I am invited into this super personal and emotional day. Not every client wants their images all over the internet, which is completely understandable. My client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to me, so I will not post unless I am given written permission to post.

In today’s blog I have Frankee & Jacob. With their October wedding quickly approaching and their busy schedules, their session was tough to get in the books. Thankfully, they managed to get an evening off for some photo fun. We were also fortunate enough to be able to push the session back an hour to avoid that crazy July weather we had. It was a humid one folks.

I had a great time wandering around the family property, most definitely not getting into any random shenanigans. Maybe.  Check out their photos and keep an eye out for their wedding sneak peek!









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Aubri & Brandon: Engagement Session

Finally, Mother Nature allowed me to photograph Aubri & Brandon’s engagement session. We had a rough start, and a bit of rain halfway through, but we did it!

There are so many reasons that I am looking forward to their May 2016 wedding. First, Aubri & Brandon have been bridal party members in quite a few of my weddings over the years, so we are extremely conformable with each other. Second, Aubri was so excited that Brandon proposed, she emailed me while sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico! I love brides who know exactly what they want.

Check out their slightly rainy session at Bay City State Park! (Be sure to ask me about the killer swans).


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Shawna & Matthew: June 20, 2015


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Jessica & Jonathon: June 6, 2015


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Alex & Drew: May 30, 2015

Alex & Drew were married not only on the second busiest wedding day of the year (August 29th wins that honor), but it also was the rainiest. Fingers crossed that it stays the rainiest, for everyone’s sanity. My last wedding where it rained all day was back in October 2012. Thankfully, everyone was super flexible and with some serious teamwork, Alex & Drew’s wedding day went smoothly!

With both the ceremony and reception taking place on a family friend’s property, Alex & Drew had to make some minor adjustments to their dream wedding. Instead of a ceremony out by the pond, they opted for an intimate ceremony inside the reception tent. Guests snuggled up together to witness the joining of husband and wife by Pastor Debbie Yencer.

Even with the copious amount of rain, the sky cleared for a few minutes just before the grand entrance.  This was just enough time to capture some great photographs that I was just itching to do. I do want to thank all of the wedding guests for being so patient while we pushed back dinner for a half hour. It was much appreciated!

The party lasted late into the night with DJ Ryan Rousseau keeping the dance floor full. He also added a little bit of fire to Mr. & Mrs. Hoffman’s first dance as husband and wife. You can check that out below!

Special thanks to the property owners for being such wonderful hosts! I also want to mention Jen and Debbie who absolutely rocked it as our fantastic wedding coordinators! They who kept the day moving and all issues at bay.  Be sure to send them some love at Nikki Johns Events.


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Rachel & Rob: Engagement Session

Honestly, I am super impressed with Downtown Bay City this year. Things are looking good after that long, cold winter! Not only are we seeing Uptown coming along nicely, but we are also seeing some freshly painted walls. I was pleasantly surprised last week during Rachel & Rob’s engagement session. The only real downfall was the typical strong winds that we see this time of year. On the plus side, Rachel had that windblown hair going on.

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Jessica & Brady: April 25, 2015

It is official! My 6th season as a wedding photographer has begun. I have the honor of working with 17 wonderful couples this year and look forward to photographing each and everyone one of their special days.

My first wedding of the year was with Jessica & Brady. With both their ceremony and reception taking place at Black Forest, I was able to spend the entire day in Frankenmuth. Just after the ceremony, we traveled to the Rose Garden for our outdoor photographs (and some shenanigans). We also had time to visit River Place for some of SugarHigh’s chocolate covered bacon (and some more shenanigans)!

Overall, my first wedding was a success! It doesn’t hurt that Jessica, Brady, and their entire family were absolutely fantastic to work with! Somehow, I even managed to log over 5 miles of walking that day.


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