Stephanie & Brice: August 29, 2015

Even though Stephanie & Brice’s wedding turned out to be one of my favorites of the year, it really didn’t start out that way! I arrived to Apple Mountain about 10 minutes early to a bit of rain. Nothing too crazy, but enough to do some damage to the ladies hair. Then I get that traditional “we are running a bit late” text. No problem, I plan for that in my photo timeline. 10 minutes pass. 15. Brice and his attendants arrive. 25. Stephanie and her attendants (and Subway) arrive. Time to get to work!

From here things seem normal. The boys are getting dressed and having a few beers. Normal. I step into the ladies dressing room and things are really quiet. The look on Stephanie’s face is one that I see often. It’s that feeling of having so many emotions are going through your mind that they all cancel each other out. Normal. It is about 30 minutes before the ceremony and I hear “I don’t really want to put the dress on”. I internally panic. In the past 6 years, I have had some crazy situations, but one never included the bride lacking the desire to get dressed.

It turns out, Stephanie just wasn’t ready for the day to really start. What brides do not understand is that time really doesn’t work normally on their wedding day. The night before you really can’t sleep and you feel like you are in bed for days waiting for the sun to rise. The morning of consists of hours of hair and makeup. Walking with your father towards the aisle takes an eternity. You get halfway down that aisle, share your first kiss as husband and wife, and BAM! Last call.

As soon as Stephanie walked down that aisle, the day went absolutely smooth. The family formals only had a few poses. The rain quit and the temperature was perfect. The bridal party was totally into the photos and extremely cooperative. Stephanie & Brice had no problems ignoring the camera and really focusing on each other. It was an awesome day.

We wrapped the evening at The Grand in Essexville for food, booze, and dancing. I got to spend some time harassing my buddy Michael from Rusch Entertainment and he kept the party going all night. Enjoy!

IMG_014 pn IMG_025pn IMG_032pn IMG_057pn IMG_068pn IMG_076pnThis photo is the reason I never capture the honor attendants walking back down the aisle. The first moment of being married creates the best photographs. Sometimes this moment doesn’t have the opportunity to happen, but this time it did.

IMG_133pn IMG_201pn IMG_209pn IMG_222pn IMG_230pn IMG_241pn IMG_245pnIMG_249pn Be sure to LIKE my Facebook page to stay up to date on my latest wedding!

ALP_3828 pnIMG_270pn IMG_283pn IMG_302pn IMG_312pn IMG_321pn IMG_334pn IMG_337pn IMG_352pn IMG_357pn IMG_361pn IMG_367pn IMG_378pn IMG_384pn IMG_391pn IMG_393pn IMG_400pn IMG_402pn IMG_406pn IMG_407pn IMG_415pn IMG_421pn This next photo almost didn’t make the cut. Why? In the land of wedding photography showing the inside of the bride’s armpit is extremely frowned upon. I admit, it’s totally my fault. I just think I was too caught up in the moment. You probably didn’t even notice the faux pas. . .did you? It’s a cute photo, I forgive myself (kinda).
IMG_430pn IMG_443pn IMG_470pn IMG_477pn IMG_488pn IMG_507pn IMG_510pn IMG_514pn IMG_535pn IMG_553pn Sneaking photographs of former clients. I actually had 3 previous couples at this wedding!

IMG_566pn IMG_571pn I My poor little Speedlights! By the time we got everyone downstairs, the sun was gone! I was standing on the balcony with one flash unit on my bracket, with another off camera. Had we made it outside in time, this photo would definitely had more pizzaz to it.
IMG_581pn IMG_589pn IMG_612pn IMG_627pn IMG_631pn

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Brittaney & Jacob: August 15, 2015

Today for you I have my third wedding of August!

I spend quite a bit of time photographing engagement sessions at Bay City State Park, so I have driven by the North Euclid Church of God fairly often. I have never actually been inside the church, but I have always been curious on what was hidden inside.  When Brittaney & Jacob contacted me about their wedding, I was both nervous and excited to cure my curiosity. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.

Spending the day with Brittany, Jacob, and their ragtag bunch of misfits was utterly fantastic. After the ceremony, we wandered around down by the river for a while and made a short appearance on Midland Street. The best part? The glorious dance skills that were unveiled at the LFA hall. When I left that night, the dance floor was still fairly full! Thanks for being a great group to work with!



IMG_021pn IMG_024pn IMG_097pn IMG_113pn IMG_224pn IMG_276pn IMG_290pn IMG_305pn IMG_315pn IMG_323pnIMG_332pnIMG_336pnIMG_346pnIMG_352pnIMG_375pnIMG_383pnIMG_403pnIMG_410PNIMG_424pnIMG_469pnIMG_493PNIMG_500pnIMG_525pnIMG_529pnIMG_615pnIMG_642pnIMG_643pnIMG_646pnIMG_656pn

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Lynette & Paul: August 8, 2015

I finally have a chance to catch up on my August blogs! I have a few going up within the next few days to make way for my fall weddings. October is going to be another crazy month filled with some amazing clients.

For now, check out Lynette & Paul’s August wedding. Enjoy!


















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Renee & David: August 1, 2015

Can you believe that we are at the end of summer? My last 7 weeks have been spent working away photographing and editing weddings, so I completely missed the end of July and all of August. Even though I have been super busy, it has been wonderful working with all of my fantastic clients and really being able to get creative with my art.

I am finally getting around to giving my August weddings some blog time. For you today, I have Renee & David’s August 1 wedding. Both their ceremony and reception took place at The Grand in Essexville. The one thing that Renee really wanted was unique, natural lighting. Thankfully we had a wonderful sunset and I was able to capture that desired creative lighting!


IMG_030 pn
IMG_036 pn
IMG_122 pn
IMG_168 pn
IMG_265 pn
IMG_476 PN
IMG_493 pn
IMG_539 pn
IMG_623 pn
IMG_629 pn
IMG_667 pn
IMG_669 pn
IMG_681 pn
IMG_695 pn
IMG_657 pn

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Frankee & Jacob: Engagement Session

I am so excited to finally be back blogging! My social may have been super quiet lately, but rest assured, I have been extremely busy. When I photograph someone’s wedding, I am invited into this super personal and emotional day. Not every client wants their images all over the internet, which is completely understandable. My client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to me, so I will not post unless I am given written permission to post.

In today’s blog I have Frankee & Jacob. With their October wedding quickly approaching and their busy schedules, their session was tough to get in the books. Thankfully, they managed to get an evening off for some photo fun. We were also fortunate enough to be able to push the session back an hour to avoid that crazy July weather we had. It was a humid one folks.

I had a great time wandering around the family property, most definitely not getting into any random shenanigans. Maybe.  Check out their photos and keep an eye out for their wedding sneak peek!









1765pn 128pn 031pn185pn

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Aubri & Brandon: Engagement Session

Finally, Mother Nature allowed me to photograph Aubri & Brandon’s engagement session. We had a rough start, and a bit of rain halfway through, but we did it!

There are so many reasons that I am looking forward to their May 2016 wedding. First, Aubri & Brandon have been bridal party members in quite a few of my weddings over the years, so we are extremely conformable with each other. Second, Aubri was so excited that Brandon proposed, she emailed me while sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico! I love brides who know exactly what they want.

Check out their slightly rainy session at Bay City State Park! (Be sure to ask me about the killer swans).


008pn 020pn 028pn 060pn 057pn111pnALP_9240pn

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Shawna & Matthew: June 20, 2015


DSC_1952-2pn DSC_1938pn ALP_1335pn ALP_1289pnALP_1358pnALP_13722pnALP_1452pn

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