Erica and Greg: September 6, 2014

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Tiffany and Chad: August 30, 2014


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Cassie and Tyler: August 2, 2014

Cassie and Tyler were finally united as husband and wife at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Essexville. After family photos we headed down to the Riverwalk for some bridal party shenanigans. Once the August heat got to us, we decided to head down to Midland Street for some refreshments.

Thankfully, Greg Kimbrue the owner of VNO Restaurant & Wine Warehouse welcomed us with open arms! The wonderful staff passed around ice cold pitchers of water to the entire bridal party while the evening’s wine was selected.

The Bay City Knight of Columbus was the location for their 350 guest reception. The dancing commenced with the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Greshow followed by a father/daughter dance to remember. Casey of Rusch Entertainment made sure the dance floor was full for the entire night. Can’t forget the awesome nacho bar from Grand Grillin of Lansing provided by Jordan and Samantha!

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Emily and Dan: July 25, 2014

Emily and Dan celebrated their wedding day at Apple Mountain on July 25, 2014. Surrounded by close friends and family, the lovely couple shared an intimate ceremony full of unique tributes to their personal style.

Literary quotes, hand fasting, and the sentimental passing of the wedding rings were all included in the short ceremony. Guests had the chance to hold the wedding rings and say a personal blessing over the marriage, which was really sweet. . .until Dr. Peter Barry ran out of steam on stalling the ceremony. (I almost said The Doctor, ha ha. Maybe 50% of you will get that).

It may have been a bit on the humid side, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous for photographs. I will pick a rainy day over a sunny one anytime! The party then moved into the main dining room for a ‘build your own’ pasta bar and (of course) dinosaurs. The party ran late into the night with DJ Corey Rusch of Rusch entertainment at the lead.

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Ceremony and Reception Venues: Apple Mountain
Officiant: Dr. Peter Barry
Florist: Gaertner’s
Hair and Make Up: Ana Luis Salon
DJ: Rusch Entertainment

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Kim and David: July 12, 2014











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Whitney and Michael: June 14, 2014

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Val and Mike: June 7, 2014

Val and Mike had one goal for their wedding. . . to have FUN and enjoy the day! With a ceremony at the Pinconning United Methodist Church and the reception at the Fraser Township Hall, the couple definitely accomplished their goal. My favorite part of the entire day was their 45 minute scheduled break at the Maple Leaf Golf course. It was fantastic to be able to take some time for the bridal party just to relax instead of having to rush right over to Bay City State Park for group photos. Apparently the Moscow Mule is the drink of the summer? The party went long into the night with Dj Storm keeping that dance floor packed!


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